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Facial Rejuvenation

COSMETIC Acupuncture

Come treat yourself to a spa like treatment where we use all natural, non-invasive methods to help lift and tone facial muscles and reduce surface imbalances. 

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Treat the underlying imbalances 

The first step is to treat the foundation. This is a vital component of facial acupuncture because it addresses the root aesthetic imbalances. Our face is a billboard for what is actually happening in our body. If your digestion is an issue, stress levels are chronically high or you haven't slept well in years your skin will show discoloration, your under-eye area will swell and your face will start to loose collagen and muscle tone. This is also where we address diet, supplements and herbal remedies. 

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Celluma light therapy 

The Celluma light is low-level light therapy originally researched and developed by NASA. It works by deeply penetrating wavelengths of light energy that are absorbed by photo-acceptors in the mitochondria of compromised cells to regain and restore vitality naturally. This FDA approved device can be used to treat wrinkles, acne and inflammation. 

1) Before Celluma 2) Results sustained 3months after receiving 12 Celluma sessions. No other products used

1) Before Celluma 2) Results sustained 3months after receiving 12 Celluma sessions. No other products used

Correct the surface

By using tiny needles we can create a micro trauma on the surface which stimulates fibroblasts and promotes collagen production. We then finish the treatment with an herb infused mask, jade roller massage and facial cupping with essential oils to increase circulation, nourish the skin and correct surface imbalances. 


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Ultimate Facial: Includes Celluma Light therapy & facial cupping: $110 (90mins)

Package of 10 Ultimate Facial Treatments: $1000 (Save $100)

Facial Rejuvenation: $95 (60mins)

Package of 10 Basic Facial Rejuvenation Treatments: $900 (Save $50)

Recommendation is 2 treatments per week for 5 weeks followed by monthly maintenance.