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After receiving a series of facial rejuvenation treatments from Carrie, my complexion is more even and taunt. Even my lines have diminished. The best thing of all is it is all done without using any harmful chemicals or toxins.  

-MN, Facial Rejuvenation patient

I have been receiving acupuncture from Carrie Senderhauf for the past year. When I began, I was suffering from severe panic attacks. After a few treatments, the panic attacks have gone away and not returned. I've continued to seek treatment for anxiety, stress, and chronic pain management. All of these issues have improved significantly with the variety of services Carrie provides including acupuncture, Chinese herbs and fire cupping. Carrie is very thorough, modifying treatment based on current symptoms and supplementing her extensive training and education with additional research when necessary. Carrie is very professional, but also extremely caring, ensuring patients are comfortable and know what to expect. I would highly recommend Carrie Senderhauf and Rooted in Tradition. -MK

I recently began seeing Carrie for acupuncture and fire cupping, to relieve my back pain, and Chinese herbs to help combat altitude sickness. After just three treatments, I can tell a difference in my pain level and overall feeling of well being. Carrie's extensive education, training and knowledge is so impressive; she is able to easily explain these complex concepts in concise manner. I believe strongly in being in control of one's own care. Her goal is clearly to be a partner in helping you find your optimal health. Carrie's professionalism is duly matched by her warm and caring nature. I hold her in the highest regard and can honestly give her my very best recommendation. -CP

Carrie is very skilled and knowledgeable in her practice, and cultivates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I have seen her for acupuncture with e-stim and moxa, and cupping - all have been excellent. -CS

Carrie's facial acupuncture treatments are amazing! She gets to the root of what is going on with your skin! I tell everyone about her!!

-CT, Facial Rejuvenation Patient